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Summer school

Project name
Analysis of behavior of living cells from cinematographic records
Šárka Beranová
Description of the activities of the project
  • Data processing is a staple part of almost every research.
  • Student(s) will receive unprocessed data from NIKON Biostation from an ongoing project
  • Filmed records taken using time-lapse microcinematography will be evaluated using both qualitative and quantitative method. Qualitative method will be used for correct interpretation of cell behavior, quantitative method will be used for analysis of information regarding locomotion activity and growth parameters. Consideration will be devoted to atypical cell behavior, such as retroactive cycle or unordinary cell division into three or multi-nuclear cells. In short the student(s) will use quantitative method for locomotion activity (LOK), specific growth speed (SSR) and atypical cell division (ACD). Gained data will be interpreted according to experimental schema.
  • Project may also include activities such as creating short videos of abnormal cell behavior.
  • Number of students - 1-2
  • high school students students - YES
  • university students - YES
  • Basic knowledge of cell structure and distribution models. Proficiency with video editing programs welcomed

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