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Project name
Visible Aquaphotomics Spectrophotometry for Aquaculture Systems
MSc. Vladyslav Bozhynov
Ing. Jan Urban, PhD
Description of the activities of the project
  • This work is based on the knowledge that each element or coumpund has a specific 'fingerprint' pattern in the absorbtion of electromagnetic radiation. The paterns are present as the spectral series according to the Rydberg formula. Even in the visible spectrum, it is presented a fingerprinting section. Thus, the absorbtion in the visible spectrum is giving unique information about the presented elements or compounds. The aim of the work is to compare spectra measurement of water samples with known color etalons to understand the relationship between the concentration of the crucial parameters and the spectrum. The spectrophotometer ColorMunki will be tested. The final part will focus on data processing and statistics.
  • Project aim: Database of color calibration values for further color experiments, parametrization of the measuremnt device, and utilization of the processing methods.
  • Results: Spectral database, calibration method, processing software, device parametrization.
  • Number of students - 2
  • secondary school students - NO
  • university students - YES

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Zamek 136, Nove Hrady

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