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Summer school

Project name
Cell cultivation from selected tissue of crayfish
Vítězslav Březina
Description of the activities of the project
  • The purpose is to remove bio or necropsy from crayfish and try to primary culture or stabilize the cell line. If successful, then it can be used to study the behavior of cells under the influence of induced adverse chemical conditions.
  • First assumption: We believe that the cancer genome responds differently to the human genome to all conditions, so that the response (behavior) of human and crayfish cells will be different to the same stimulus.
  • Second assumption: Changes in behavior will be quantifiable.
  • Work:1. Master tissue sampling. (get the organism for sampling) / 2. Cultivate tissue fragments in the conditions of the Blood Laboratory, including documentation. / 3. If a fragment culture is successful, take a time-lapse image and a documentary photo / 4. Dissolve the tissue fragment enzymatically and culture the cell mixture.
  • Time schedule: a. Collection of fragments of selected tissues and placement of primary cultures, including enzymatic digestion. (2 days) / b. Control of growing cells and photo documentation, including selection of cultures for further experiments. (Five days) / c. Deployment of the selected culture in an attempt to capture the behavior of the cells microkinematographically. (2 days) / d. Continuous evaluation of current results and understanding of quantitative analysis. (7 days) / e. Final evaluation of experiments, photo documentation and protocols. (Five days) / f. Preparation of the presentation. (2 days)
  • Number of students - 1-2
  • high school students students - YES
  • university students - YES
  • Basic knowledge of cell structure and distribution models. Proficiency with video editing programs welcomed

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