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Project name
Underwater fish appearance analysis – Kinect approach
Ing. Petr Císař, Ph.D.
Description of the activities of the project
  • Nowadays intensive aquaculture is based on the physical sampling methods to estimate fish biomass, disease or fish condition. The main disadvantage of the approach is the stress caused to the fish, representative sampling and complicated realization under the conditions of the sea cages. The way how to improve current methods is to automatize fish sampling. Underwater cameras could do real-time sampling which could provide new information about fish behaviour and appearance to optimize fish farming. The key factor to sucesfull automation of the approach is to automatically detect the fish in image, analyse fish appearance and provide the information about fish appearance changes during time. The project is focused on the system and image data analysis to be able to detect fish under water and obtain high quality fish image. The students will work with underwater camera/3D system to collect the data. Develop the methods for fish detection and analysis of fish appearance.
  • The outcome of the project will be data collection and software for data processing.
  • Number of students - 2
  • secondary school students - NO
  • university students - YES
  • Prepositions: Matlab, basic image processing

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Zamek 136, Nove Hrady

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