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Project name
Scrutinizing internal behavior of live cells via visible-light microscopy
MSc. Ganna Platonova
prof. RNDr. Dalibor Štys, CSc.
Description of the activities of the project
  • The aim of the project is to collect experimental data of several types of tissue which will be captured using a nanoscale optical microscope and to estimate morphological and physiological states of these tissues using software developed at the ICS. Students will be familiarized with principles of optical microscopy, digital image processing and terms of cell biology.
  • Project aim: Collection of experimental data, its calibration and processing using software developed at the ICS.
  • Results: analyzed data will be presented in a scientific publication (poster, paper, presentation), enhanced software.
  • Students
    • Number of students - 2
    • secondary school students - NO
    • university students - YES

    Academic and University Center
    Zamek 136, Nove Hrady

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    Webmaster: Michal Macho