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Project name
Changes in shoal behavior of aquarium fish in the presence of contaminants
Ing. Bc. Renata Štysová Rychtáriková, Ph.D.
Description of the activities of the project
  • Current biosensors used for the detection of hazardous pollution in drinking water treatment plants are difficult to maintain because they are based on the human operator's evaluation of changes in fish behavior (usually mortality). The species of fish used in them (trout, grayling, etc.) are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. In addition, the functionality of these facilities has always been limited, the volumes of water in them and the speed of response to mass deaths have not been sufficient to stop the operation in time and toxic substances do not enter the system.
  • Monitoring of aquarium fish Puntigrus tetrazona, which form stable structured shoals, using an automated system developed at the Institute of complex systems should allow to detect a change in water composition very quickly and more specifically than existing systems and allow subsequent rapid operator’s intervention.
  • The expected outcome of the work will be progress in the knowledge of the response of a shoal of P. tetrazona to the presence of a contaminant (ethanol) in the aqueous environment and progress in the development of a monitoring device.
  • The content of the work will be: (a) breeding and image data acquisition of P. tetrazona fish in/without the presence of water contaminant in the aquarium prototype, (b) evaluation of the flock behavior using original software, (c) communication with software and aquarium developers.
  • Number of students - 1-2
  • high school students students - NO
  • university students - YES
  • Prepositions (what should the students know): Interest in fish biology, ecotoxicology, technical skills

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