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Project name
Calibration of cameras and microscopes
Prof. RNDr. Dalibor Štys, CSc.
Description of the activities of the project
  • The use of optical microscopes is in many fields complicated by the inhomogeneity of the field of view which practically precludes quantitative comparison of different parts of the image. It is only the calibration of the digital camera alongside with the whole optical path which will enable automated quantitative comparison of, for example, dynamic events, alignment of shifted parts of the image and many other operations. By the usage of colour cameras and different colours of illuminating light it will also partly enable to determine the real coloration of the object (in contrast to the apparent coloration derived from colour spaces.) The project is a continuation of the project from the previous summerschool. It will be its extension and precisioning. It will mainly deal with improvement of the definition of the calibration data – it will be determined energy reaching the camera chip - and it will be precisioned the calibration curve.
  • Students
    • Number of students - 2
    • secondary school students - NO
    • university students - YES (Konwledge of Matlab or Java programming)

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