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Summer school

Project name
Research for optical methods of 3D scene parametrization
Prof. RNDr. Dalibor Štys, CSc.
Description of the activities of the project
  • Modern computer vision applications require trajectory tracking of 3D objects, e.g. humans on surveillance cameras. Such tracking could be significantly improved by leveraging a-priori knowledge of the overall scene. After the scene is parametrized, tracking can be greatly simplified by using facts e.g. that humans do not fly in the air. There are a lot of existing approaches to measure and parametrize scenes, e.g. LIDAR or photogrammetry. Scene also can be parametrized by using explicit markers and position annotations. The goal of the project is to evaluate these methods by parameterizing some part of some building, probably an institute’s one. The parametrization will be verified and used by a real-time human tracking application. Expected outcomes are: collected dataset, methods comparison & review, parameter optimization for the chosen method, the final parametrization.
  • Number of students - 2
  • high school students students - NO
  • university students - YES
  • Prepositions: C++/Python, calculus

Academic and University Center
Zamek 136, Nove Hrady

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